Woman, Almighty Being,

I am Antonia, ancient wisdom holder and soft savage revolutionary and I am here to support you in finding, listening and following your inner voice in birth, womanhood and business.

I am so glad you are here!

I know what it feels like to feel like you don’t have a voice, like you are not being heard and seen in who you truly are, in what you truly want and what you can truly achieve. I know what it feels like to be a captive to your own past and the inner child that so desperately wants to be seen.  You deserve to be worshipped in all your divinity. You carry the power within you to bring the world to its knees and I am here to remind you and to be your companion along the way while you birth not only your baby but yourself!

I work both in German and in English and all my offerings are available in both languages.

I create a safe space for women to fully be seen by themselves and to know and connect to the full potential of their intuition. I will guide you to become the confident woman who knows her way, her rights and herself while always tempting you to question the status quo!

I work with women who are discovering and unravelling their past so that they may find their own voice to birth not only their babies but themselves, all the while being held by me with every drop of the ocean I can gather, picking themselves up from their bottom of the sea, carrying them through their storms to bring them up to take that vital breath.

Nothing is too deep. Nothing is too dark. Nothing is too shameful.

I see you! You are safe!

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